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Community Poultry Project

Improving the Lives of Many

Ambassador Girl Scout Aaliyah Smith of Topeka, Kansas started the Community Poultry Project in Makueni County, Kenya as her Girl Scout Gold Award Project. This project addresses food insecurity and income inequality in the region.

  • Hunger - Households headed by single mothers experience food insecurities on a regular basis. This Poultry Project provides food as well as a tradable commodities for other goods and services to sustain their children.

  • Income - Many single mothers have limited employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. This project will provide a resource to generate income.

  • Training - Skills training will teach participants to be self-sufficient, self-sustaining and the art of negotiation.

  • Generational Wealth - The goal of the project will empower women with knowledge, skills and business principles transferable to their children.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Living Life Through Service

Winston Churchill said, we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Meet our passionate team members who are committed to changing lives through giving.


Ambassador Girl Scout Aaliyah Smith

Project Coordinator

Meet Ambassador Girl Scout Aaliyah Smith of Topeka, Kansas. She is currently a senior at Topeka West high school. She has a true passion for helping and serving others. 

Aaliyah is a transformative and spirited leader with progressive experience and substantive results in program and project management, investigative research, quality control, and process improvement. She is exceptional at program planning, implementation, and assessment capabilities, supporting multiple simultaneous projects within a complex teenage environment. Aaliyah is capable of translating vision into initiatives that improve team engagement and, ultimate performance.

Her true talent is her ability to bring individuals together to work in a coordinated effort to improve the lives of others. 


Dorcus Kavod

Project Facilitator

Rev. Dorcas M. Juma is a Resident Pastor of Springs of Love Fellowship, a multifaceted ministry that is establishing men in grace and truth to serve humanity.

She is a dynamic woman leader, mentor, coach, equipper an counselor. She is a mother of two and a foster mother to 15 other children, some who have grown to have families of their own.

Rev. Dorcas is a co-founder and vice president of the Kavod Foundation which is dedicated to supporting and transforming the livelihood of vulnerable families, empowering women, youth and elderly individuals in the society. It’s also committed to promoting civility in leadership development.

Rev. Dorcas is a Global Adviser and board member of Every Girl Wins Institute.

Rev. Dorcas is also the director of the Glorious Life Learning Center which is a  school offering meaningful quality education with a charter development component and curriculum.

She is also the facilitator of Community Poultry Project headed by Ambassador Girl Scout Aaliyah Smith.

Her ministry and effort to inspire and empower women and girls around the world has not only made her a pillar of hope to the community but to the world at large. She has won several awards that include the Guiding Light and Women of Workth Awards from Every Girl Wins Institute and the Exemplary Leader Award from the Kavod Foundation.



Community Liaison

Agape Deborah  is a high school student at the prestigious Precious Blood Kilungu Girls High school in Kenya.

She is the Key Leader and Official at the Students Welfare Association (SWA); an organization that caters for the well-being of students that are less fortunate and mediates between the school administration and the students. She is also the  heads of one of the Girls Hostel.

Agape is the Counselor and Chair of the Christian Union in her school which helps with the spiritual development of the students.

Agape serves as the teenage director of the Kavod Foundation and helps in planning for the Teenage Mentorship Program and other youth activities like the, youth festivals and Super Youth Talks.

She  operates as the Community Liaison for the  Community Poultry Project under Ambassador Girl Scout Aaliyah Smith.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Dr. Ruben West

Project Advisor

As a speaker Dr. West has the unique ability to challenge audience members to take a personal inventory, think outside the box, and strive for new levels of excellence. Having spoken for groups and organizations around the world, Dr. West has created international influence and received global recognition for his work. In 2016 he received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama. In 2018 Dr. West received the Girma Wolde Giorgis (Former President of Ethiopia) Presidential Award for being a Human Conservationist. In 2019 he received the Sydney Allicock (Vice President of Guyana) Global Humanitarian Award and was recognized as the United States Civility Icon of the Year by iChange Nations™ at the World Civility Day celebration in Gary, Indiana.

Dr. West's convicting messages and lead by example attitude allows him to easily motivate individuals as well as companies to not only aim for the next level but achieve it as well.

Dr. Juma Nashon

Site Coordinator

Dr. Nashon Juma is the Lead Pastor and Bishop of the Springs of Love Fellowship. He is a passionate and humble servant, leadership mentor, speaker and life coach.

He is a Global Peace Ambassador with the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and a World Civility Leader with I Change Nations.  His appointment as the Global Youth Civility Spokesperson by I Change Nations has given him an opportunity to inspire and impact millions of young people around the world.

Ambassador Juma has received several awards in relation to his exemplary leadership and mentorship endeavors.

He is a recipient of the Men of Worth award from Every Girl Wins Institute and the Uncommon Leader Award from the Kavod Foundation. He received the Exemplary Servant Leader Award from the VCBC.

His efforts in changing lives and building christian impactful ministries earned him a Honorary Doctorate in Christian Leadership from The International Graduate College and Seminary. This comes is in addition to his academic accomplishments in theology, project management and professional certification in mediation, monitoring and evaluation

Dr. Juma  is also the founder and President of the Kavod Foundation which is a humanitarian organization dedicated to promoting sustainable livelihoods and human capital empowerment.

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This project has been strategically designed for sustainability. The chickens will provide a renewable food source of meat and eggs.

We also have a solar energy component. Our plan is to use the solar panels provide energy for the lighting of the project area as well as energy to provide power to the refrigerators that will keep the vaccines cool.

The manure from the chickens will be used as fertilizer for the vegetables gardens being planted to provide additional food to community members.

Home: Team Members

What We Do

Lending a Helping Hand

Founded in 2020, Community Poultry Project - Kenya is working hard with the help of our members volunteers and donors to help individuals meet their daily living needs. Our work is dedicated to restoring dignity to those in need especially those in the village affected by Covid-19.

We strive to inspire and improve the lives of those who are within the reach of this project. Get in touch to learn how you can make a difference by donating to our efforts.

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Lasting Change

Building Buildings - Building Belief

Large Chicken Facility

Construction Is Underway

This is the architectural design for the chicken facility. There'll be several different areas that will allow the chickens plenty of room for feeding, resting and laying eggs as well as exercise.

The excavation of the grounds for this facility has already taken place and the ground breaking ceremony was held on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

The groundbreaking ceremony was conducted by on site participants and witnessed by zoom participants from the United States and Kenya..


Feeding Families

Creating Sustainable Food Sources

One of our main causes in our Community Poultry Project - Kenya is providing food and nourishment to the women and children in the Village. 

The chickens can be uses for bartering for other goods as well as services. The women will be trained to raise indigenous chickens which are the easiest for them to care for.

Pastor Dorcus and Agape Kavod will be providing the much needed training to the project participants. 


Solar Energy

Helping Others

Solar power derive clean energy from the sun. Installing solar panels we’ll provide a renewable energy source that will not cause public health problems.  Solar systems also work during drought and heat waves. They do not require water to generate electricity.

While there is an upfront cost to installation of the solar energy system, the long term benefits of this renewable energy source are vast. Our goal is not only to introduce solar energy as a solution to this project but rather, we want to introduce solar energy as a solution to various issues throughout the village community.

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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

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